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Smart Track Replacement Tags

These circular, industrial-strength metal QR code tags are easy to attach to your garments. Each tag is directly printed with a unique QR code and number which can be assigned to your garment in Smart Track and scanned easily with the Smart Track Scanner or mobile app.


  • 100 pins with backing.
  • A .039” X 1.25” diameter anodized matte aluminum tag with unique QR IDs. 



  • 1 pin with backing
  • .039” X 1.25” diameter anodized matte aluminum tag with unique QR IDs.


2021 Smart Track Annual Inspection Stickers

Color-coded blue for 2021, easily identifies the year of each inspection with these durable, glossy vinyl stickers.


  • 1 roll of 100 blue year indicator “2021” .5” x 1” stickers ID’s.

Smart Track Scanner

Scan Smart Track 2D tags quickly by plugging this into any computer. The scanner does not require any additional software. Enables true point-and-shoot scanning simplicity by eliminating the need to align bar code and scanner. Built to survive a 6 ft./1.83 m drop to concrete, the DS4308 delivers reliable operation, despite the inevitable everyday drops.


  • Smart Track Scanner
  • 6 ft 4 pin USB Type A (M) mini – USB Type B (M)


Smart Track Optimized Tag Kit

Everything you need to add unique QR Code ID tags to your garments, identify each with a yearly inspection sticker, and scan directly to Smart Track.


  • 1 Smart Track Scanner
  • 200 Smart Track Annual Inspection Stickers
  • 200 Smart Track Replacement Tags